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This site can be viewed with any standard red/blue 3D glasses.
(red lens - left eye | blue lens - right eye)

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individual pictures and read notes about each.

Notes for the curious about 3D photography...
The stereo (red/blue) photographs on this site were shot with a TDC Stereo Vivid camera from the 1950's, most with Agfa Scala black & white slide film. If you'd like to learn more about doing 3D photography on your own, there's a good primer on the Reel 3D catalog site. When you're ready to get started, Ebay's stereo photography category is an ideal place to look for the gear, as most of the popular stereo cameras are antiques from the 50's. The lenticular pictures are a whole other story....

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Latest exhibit of 3D animated photos
3D Center for Art & Photography in Portland, OR
Aug 17 - Sep 24, 2006

My first solo art show of lenticular imagery was at
MF Adams Gallery, in the DUMBO section of New York.
Go here to download a press release with an introduction to the lenticular process and images from the show; or you can look at a somewhat outdated catalog of a few early lenticular pieces.

New Custom 3D Portrait Photography Service!
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of the September 11 disaster and aftermath.